Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New trailer for The Hobbit

The first of three films in the The Hobbit trilogy that is, An Unexpected Journey. Watch, it's exciting!:

I've not watched the The Lord of the Rings trilogy for some time, this really reminds me how very much I enjoyed those films. Cannot wait for this second trilogy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Almost Stargate Lego!

A dream come true, almost: Best-Lock, a Lego rip-off that makes Mega Bloks look positively high quality, has apparently acquired a license to produce Stargate construction toys. As reported by Gateworld, these have so far only appeared on the Canadian Sears website, but Best-Lock is a global brand, so they should pop up elsewhere too.

Four sets have so far been revealed, based on SG-1 and Atlantis. although the largest set is basically a combination of the same things in two of the others. Quite frankly they look amateurish compared to Lego's latest offerings from Star Wars, or their Pharaoh's Quest line (their most recent Egyptian theme), but, they're Stargate almost-Lego, so I'm still quite excited; I think the Daedalus looks like the best of the bunch:


Perhaps what's most encouraging about this is that at least someone seems to be interesting in the Stargate franchise. What with the novels now only coming as ebooks, the last comics publisher managing all of two miniseries, new audiobooks only just starting to appear again, and recent talk of rebooting back to the movie continuity, I'm glad there's some glimmer of interest in the TV series still.

Now the conundrum, buy sub-standard fake Lego with a Stargate flavour, or get a bunch of Pharaoh's Quest, snakes from Ninjago, and some other Lego to make your own proper Lego Stargate stuff?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Awesome Star Wars B-movie posters

Check out these fantastic B-movie stlye Star Wars posters from Sublevel Studios: Revenge of the Sandpeople, by Mark Daniels and Mark Steele, and Lair of the Rancor, by Mark Daniels: