Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is this the new Jurassic Park?

In the world of infinity spawning sequels, there are a lot of films on the way I am excited about from lots of my favourite franchises. But right at the top of my oh-boy-I'm-excited-scale is the fourth Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World, which is due out in 2015.

It's rumoured Jurassic World will be taking us back is Isla Numblar, where a now successful and fully operational dinosaur resort has opened. Now concept art from the production gives us a look at what the future of Jurassic Park might look like, and it's quite spectacular. The Film Stage reports these images are from artist Nathan Schroeder:

Stunning! The new design seems to play off the original Jurassic Park visitor center, giving it a futuristic Calatrava-esque flare. If the final design is even half as impressive as this, the film is going to look amazing! Here's a look at what we might see inside: