Friday, August 26, 2011

The Dutch man who climbed a field and came down a mountain

According to Discovery News, there are plans afoot in the Netherlands to build their very own mountain; being discontent with the flatness of the country and the lack of skiing and hiking facilities they have has a result. Thijs Zonneveld, an advocate of the project, and a former professional cyclist, commented:

Flat is ideal for growing beetroot, raising cows or building straight roads, but it's a catastrophe from a sports point-of-view. I want a mountain, a real one. In the Netherlands.

According to Zonneveld, engineers and investors are looking into the project, with hopes of the new mountain featuring ski slopes, bobsleigh tracks, an ice rink, hiking trails, cliffs for climbing and scenic mountain roads with hairpin turns. According to Radio Netherlands, another supporter, professional skating manager Ron Mulder, even envisions the Netherlands being able to host the winter Olympics as result of the mountain’s construction! Here's Radio Netherlands' idea of what a Dutch mountain might look like:

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