Friday, September 9, 2011

The most useful goo ever invented?

Ever heard of Sugru? I hadn't until a few minutes ago, and after perusing their website I'm now pretty convinced it's the most useful stuff ever made! What is this stuff I hear you ask: Well, it's a type of silicon which comes in little packets and can be moulded like modelling clay, then left to dry for a day and it into lovely tough flexible stuff. It's heat-proof and water-proof, and sticks to nearly everything. Here's one of sugro's funky diagrams which illustrates some of its usefulness:

And a video too:

My favourite mouse is just a few threads of wire away from being broken forever, I'm excited at the potential for fixing it! Sugru have a whole gallery of things you can use it for. My favourite so far is this funky bicycle grip:

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